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CONVVIRT is a brand new way to experience live networking, events and conferencing among professionals within a 3D virtual world, integrated to LinkedIn.


CONVVIRT is realtime meeting, conferencing/events and networking space in a 3D virtual world which is visually stunning and as closely as possible, offers the same experience of trust and integrity, as when meeting someone face to face.

CONVVIRT happens in a live environment and runs in a regular web browser, which means no downloading needed, and is integrated to LinkedIn. It enables professionals to meet in a brand new way, and to share a deeply rich and immersive experience.

CONVVIRT is both a b2b and b2c proposition


You can hire out CONVVIRT.

Eight million members go to LinkedIn daily, wanting to meet and to network in real time, but at the moment, this latent demand for a live experience is not satisfied.

CONVVIRT releases a pent up demand by bringing you together in a real time, networking environment, enabling members to develop professionally and socially powerful relationships.

CONVVIRT allows users to schedule and create conferences, events, meetings and presentations, and to promote these through their contacts, groups and events systems within LinkedIn.

Choosing a unique Avatar to represent them as speaker and presenter, CONVVIRT offers live networking and interaction with other people both within and outside of your sector.


CONVVIRT was built by The SineWave Company, a company with a lot of experience in Virtual Worlds. The Sine Wave Company was founded in 2006 and builds virtual worlds and social games for brand and entertainment companies. They employ 30 people in London, Shanghai and Los Angeles.

They are also the founder of OpenSim (www.opensimulator.org) which is the open source code base now accepted as the global standard for 3D web servers and is supported by IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and used by hundreds of thousands of corporations and institutions.

Adam Frisby, the internationally renowned and respected technology guru is the company's CTO.

CONVVIRT LTD is incorporated in Companies House in London, and is run as a partnership between Sean O'Callaghan, and The Sine Wave Company, located in London, Shanghai and Los Angeles


Proudly produced by the Sine Wave Company.

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